2009-01-22 Bobek1971 - Jovan Kukić
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: 2009-01-22 Bobek1971 - Jovan Kukić
1. Bobek1971
2. Jovan Kukić

Bobek was Augustus Caesar, I was Suryavarman II . I used to play astro with financial civs (5-6 times), so this was new for me. I haven't made enough cities because I thought I'll slow my research by having some not so good cities. I made army toconquer Bobek, but his galleons made that mission late for some turns. That way he bought time needed to prepare for my invasion. I killed some of his troops, but he successfully defended. He had better economy and over-teched me, so I resigned the game, because my chances became too low.
This is the first time that Bobek :) won me.
Congratulations, Bobek :padam:

thx Jovan and to revange!

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