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: Treviss - ntenistromeros
Tu sie chłopaki umawiajcie na mecz. Gracz wymieniony jako pierwszy powinien być gospodarzem gry. Czas na rozegranie gry: do wtorku 20 maja włącznie.

Po rozegranej grze tutaj umieśćcie informację o wyniku. Gra może ale nie musi być zaliczona do rankingu - domyślnie nie jest, bo mamy graczy zagranicznych.


Here you should set up your game. Player listed as first should host the game. Time to play: till Tuesday 20th May (inclusive).

After played game place here info who won. - blog biegowy
I can play everyday approximately after 3 pm :D so?

ok try to be at lobby tommorow at 3 ocklock gmt +2 + 1 for summer change

Poland has CET, Greece has one time zone one hour later. So 3 PM in Poland is 4 PM in Greece - blog biegowy
ok tommorow at 3 CET time and 4 Greek Time ok?

hmm i need to do something first

i think i'll be back in 2 or 1,5 hours from now

so now is 15:16 about 17:00 i should be back

i hope u'll be here

cu later

ok I'll be :)

so? are you here :P ?

treviss(Stalin) vs ntenistromeros(Shaka :padam: )

ntenistromeros won

after i conquested 2 his citys and cap trevesis surrended

here a screen:

Congratulations! First game in KAC Cup 4 played! So now you have to wait for the result of game Ponti-Morcar and you will play with the winner. Treviss - you will play with the loser of the same game. - blog biegowy
Your opponents are known already. Treviss - you play with Morcar: http://forum.civilization...opic.php?t=6782
ntenistromeros - you play with Ponti: http://forum.civilization...opic.php?t=6781 - blog biegowy
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