Fajny post z forum Paradox. O co w zasadzie można grać w EU4, jakie są wyzwania :) Czy ktoś z was wygrał chociaż jedno z poniższych wyzwań?


Various goals and house rules to set to yourself to make the game more interesting

World Conquest - For every Grand Strategy game the classic goal has alway been to conquer the world. But before you do that make sure you know something: It's not fun. I mean you can enjoy it, but there's lots and lots of micromanagement and cheese in it, so be sure you're up to it. The basic strategy is this: Take a strong European nation, Expand everywhere you can, stop the colonial forces early, become the HRE emperor, revoke the privilegea then when you conquer land induct it into the HRE and you can release it as a free vassal. At the end of the game you'll have to have a last push where you fight everyone, break truces and ignore overextension
Recommended Countries: Ottomans turned Orthodox, England (winning HYW), Minghals anyone else in the easy section
Discussion: What (idea) Groups Are Best For World Conquest?, Failed World conquest and a couple lessons

Tag Changing - Take a nation and try to form nations as many times as possible. Mind that some tags prevent you from changing culture, use this list as a guideline(it may be outdated, Westphalia and Hannover have been added as formable nations in 1.4). Also, some nations prevent you from forming others (Prussia-> Germany, Hannover->Westphalia). It is recommended to become HRE emperor and revoke the privilegia to have the support you need to conquer territory (You will have to sell your territory to be small enough to culture shift).
Recommended Nations: Burgundy, Timurids

Stay Small - Take a small nation and conquer nothing or almost nothing. Try to avoid threats to your independence.
Recommended Nations: Any HRE minor

Random - Take a random nation and change to another every random number of years. Makes late game very interesting
AARs: Random World Order

Religion Change - Go crazy. make a Sunni nation in the middle of europe, a Shia Indochina or whatever.
Recommended Nations: Papal State, Japan (Catholic)
AARs: I Am Become Russia, Uniter of Islam, Pilgrim's Progress : Religiously Questionable Gameplay AARs

Long - The rule is this: None of your provinces can border more than 2 other provinces you own. try to make the longest contiguous empire.
Recommended Nations: Dai Viet (A long country with Thang Long as it's capital), Crimea (river)
AARs: Viet Long: A Border Gore AAR

Thalassocracy - A variation of the long challenge. You are allowed to control only coastal provinces. Can you conquer the seven seas?
Recommended Nation: The Hansa

History Assister - Help Prussia form. Assist Byzantium against the Turkish menace. Make the Mughals conquer India instead of Vijayanagar. Make everyone convert to Protestant or become a republic. Or maybe just create a nice historical British empire. Anything to create a nice historical (or alternate historical) world.

Passive Aggressive - You are not allowed to keep any army. Let your vassals and allies so all the work